4 Ways to Accessorize Your Hat

Hats are practical and fashionable. They add that touch of style that makes an outfit look polished and complete. All hats are fun to accessorize, including hats for big heads. Just because your head size is a little larger than average doesn’t mean you should miss out on great style.

Accessorizing Hats for Big Heads, Small Heads, and All Sizes In-Between

There are so many creative ways to add personality to a hat. You might even have some great hat accessories in your closet or jewelry box right now. Follow these suggestions for giving an old hat a facelift or making a new one stand out.

1. Add a Hat Band

Hat bands are chic, unisex accessories that are affordable and easy to find. High-quality manufactured bands like the ones from American Hat Makers come in such a wide variety of fashionable, textural, and traditional styles it’s easy to find several you love. Choose from leather, metallic, braided horsehair, and more for a rustic look. You can also make your own hat band by tying a length of colorful grosgrain ribbon or a simple string of beads above. Use your imagination. Having multiple hat bands will give one hat a different look every day.

2. Sparkle With Vintage Style

If you don’t already have a collection of grandma’s brooches and earrings in your jewelry box, this idea will give you an excuse to go find some. Vintage jewelry is romantic and colorful. Using a single piece or a whole collection will add a bit of that romance to your hat game. Try pinning a single brooch on the brim or near the crown or pinch, depending on the type of hat you’re wearing. You could also fill in a large section with a cluster of pins or encircle the band area for maximum bling.

To achieve this look, try one of these smart options:

  • Remove the pin backing from a brooch and replace it with removable adhesive-backed hook-and-loop fasteners. Do a small test on the inside of the hat to first ensure the adhesive doesn’t stain the material.
  • Slide the open pin of a brooch behind a hat band and secure it. Alternatively, you could use a wide, inexpensive piece of ribbon as a hat band and pin the jewelry directly to the ribbon without puncturing it into the hat.
  • Skip the brooches and find some vintage clip-on earrings. Clip them onto the brim or on the hat band for a touch of color.

For a slightly more subtle look, choose a piece of jewelry that’s in the same color family as your hat. If you want your unique accessory to get all the attention, select contrasting colors. Or you can go for a strictly metallic look with gold-tone or silver-tone jewelry that has neither gems nor rhinestones.

3. Tie It With a Scarf

If you want drama, accessorize with a scarf. For a show-stopping accessory perfect for church or afternoon outings, tie a colorful scarf in a voluminous bow and place it at the band or crown of your hat. Don’t be shy about your larger hat size. A bigger accessory is size-appropriate for hats for big heads. If you want a more casual, boho, or beachy look, tie a long rectangular scarf at the band area of a sun hat and let it flow from the back of the brim behind you.

An old-fashioned bandana is a classic country look. Get the most length from a standard bandana by folding into a triangle and then rolling it into shape from the wide bottom to the point. You can also tie it right onto your hat for a more casual look. Try this style using a straw or sun hat.

4. Add a Veil

Adding a veil to a hat adds mystery, appeal, and definitely some attitude. All you need is a small amount of netting and a hat pin, as well as some removable adhesive-backed hook-and-loop fasteners for a temporary accessory. If you want your veil to be a permanent fixture, use thread and needle to stitch it on by hand.

Start by making a few practice patterns out of tissue paper. Play with the paper, placing it in different areas of the hat. Once you create a look you like, use the pattern to cut the netting. Just remember to attach it out of sight under the brim.

You can add a veil to a Marlow or El Dorado hat for a steampunk or burlesque look. Put a temporary veil on a fancy hat to dress it up or down as needed.

Hats Off to Accessorizing

Hats are meant to be personal. After a few weeks of regular wearing, a good hat will add style that reflects your personality. Why not take the next step and accessorize your hat to fit your style or your mood? Experiment with the ideas above and you will no doubt come up with a few great ones of your own.

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