4 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a UX Design Agency

As a business owner, the first challenge to tackle in today’s digitised economy is branding. With ever-increasing competition, it can be challenging to remain relevant and emerge victorious simultaneously.

Organisations with poor branding find it hard to survive and pay 10% higher salaries. One way to tackle this is by improving the user experience. By focusing on UX design, you allow the customer to get crucial insights about your company and what they can expect of you.

Therefore, hiring an effective UX design agency should be your top-shelf priority while building your brand. Here are 4 factors that you must consider before hiring the design team.

What Design Process Does the Agency Follow?

Remember, the UX team is not just responsible for coming up with quirky screens or trendy patterns. The most effective step in any design process is innovation. To ensure the same, professionals must focus on understanding your brand and what customer message you want to deliver.

Therefore, an ideal UX design agency must work in an organised manner while prioritising user needs. Ask the agency about their systematic plan and ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of buzzwords.

Check the Portfolio, References, or Testimonials

When it comes to evaluation, checking the UX team’s website for an updated portfolio or testimonials works like a charm. Most dedicated agencies showcase their work in a separate section called ‘projects’ or ‘our work.’

This step will ensure that you understand the creative team’s approach to grasping the brand image and displaying it in the final product. Your primary focus should be to avoid any superficial designs or interfaces that don’t align with your final goal. Also, check for key performance indicators and metrics if available.

Will the UX Designers Work on the Project Full-time?

Website design is more complicated than drafting a pamphlet, logo, or business card. Here, you need more attention to detail that can only be provided if the UX design agency is working on the project full-time.

It is obvious that a designer working on multiple projects at once is likely to mash up ideas or complete work in haste. Therefore, always ensure that your work is not treated as a side assignment and is taken seriously.

Presence of Dedicated UX Researchers

Most companies switch to better UX design when the previous approaches like graphic design and plain visuals fail. Therefore, you should hire an agency that will understand your clientele and focus on creating the best customer experience.

Agencies these days employ UX researchers who focus on using quantitative and qualitative methods to figure out what the customer demands. Insights revealed in this research can help you know more about product usability and deliver positive results.

However, this process is highly time-consuming. As such, you should ensure that the organisation you’re hiring actually follows through with the process and conducts multiple user tests and interviews.


Branding can make or break your business! In today’s tech-innovated era, you must invest time in providing the right customer experience.

You can achieve that by hiring a capable UX design agency that will transform your website to catch the target audience’s attention. But before finalising the deal, ensure that the team you are looking to work with is capable of producing the right product.

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